Attention Entrepreneurs Who Want to Sell More Products and Programs Online:​

Create Your Own Money-Making Sales Letter Without Any Copywriting Experience, Hours of Frustration, or Paying Thousands of Dollars to a Copywriter!

Dear Friend,

Remember when you created your new product or program? You were SO excited to tell the world about it and start generating sales from it, you couldn’t wait to get started!

But after a few weeks of trying, the results left you disappointed and discouraged.

What’s the problem? Why aren’t they buying?

No matter how you market your product – emails, teleseminars, social media, solo e-mail, or joint ventures – the last thing people see before making their decision is your sales letter! And if your sales letter doesn’t make a compelling case for investing in your product, all your other efforts will be wasted. A sales letter, also called an enrollment letter, is a critical component in your “marketing funnel” that makes people buy, and it must be effective!

So How Do You Write an Effective Sales Letter That Gets Prospects Off the Fence and Makes Them Buy?

Have you ever tried to write your own sales letter? It can get really frustrating and overwhelming! There are tons of books, programs, and web sites that offer copywriting advice…But who has the time to learn it all?

Hiring a copywriter can cost a small fortune, so for many people who are starting out it’s just not an option. So what most people do is one of 3 things:

  • Option #1: Hire freelancers…however, most freelancers don’t understand “direct response copywriting” (copy designed to generate immediate sale) and you end up with a “pretty” letter that sits on your web site and generates very few sales.

  • Option #2: Trying to write your own…well, we know how that might go. You spend days writing, consulting copywriting books, pulling pieces together, and end up with something that is unlikely to produce results. After all, copywriters study and master their skill for years!  We can’t expect to read a book and be able to write great copy!

  • Option #3: Let your product sit…this is the most disappointing option, and I’ve seen it happen too many times. The product sits on a web site with a short description and a “Buy Now” link, but produces no sales.

None of these options sound exciting, right?​

Hi, my name is Milana Leshinsky and I’ve been selling products and programs online for the last 11 years. I am not a copywriter, but I had to learn how to write copy because I had no money to hire a professional at the time.

I remember how long it took me to write my very first sales letter and how disappointed I was with just 4 orders after a month of marketing it! I began studying books and web sites on copywriting, but felt like it was just a waste of time – after all, I wasn’t trying to become a professional copywriter!

Was it really the best use of my time?

The whole process continued to be painful and time-consuming. No matter how much I loved creating new products, the process of writing a sales letter always weighed heavily on my heart… Until I discovered something very cool!

There IS a Formula!

Every sales letter I studied had the same basic elements. They sounded and looked different, and they each had their own unique flow…but they all had the same components!

I began applying this new knowledge in my sales letters, making sure all components are there, and the results were amazing! Not only did my sales go up, but I began to actually enjoy the process of putting a sales letter together! I went from spending several agonizing weeks to completing each sales letter in just a couple of hours!

I finally came to understand that copywriting is a skill that people take years to master. We can’t dedicate the same amount of time, energy, and commitment to it.  But we CAN create a great sales letter if we have a formula to follow!

If you have a product or program that you never monetized, but can’t afford to hire a professional copywriter, then I have great solution for you! I developed a unique but simple process for creating a sales letter in just a few hours without getting stuck. I boiled this process down to essentials and it works like building a tower out of blocks: putting pieces together in a fun and easy way, for ANY product or program!


“Get Your Sales Letter Done: A Fast, Easy, and Fun Way to Create an Effective Sales Letter for Any Product or Program, Even if You Have Never Done Copywriting Before!”

I know how frustrating it can be to launch a new product or program and get no sales, and a well-written sales letter can significantly increase your results – even if you change nothing else in your marketing! I’ve seen what great copy can do to product sales. And that’s why I created “Get Your Sales Letter Done” – a 5-part virtual workshop, where I will personally take you step by step in putting together a sales letter for a product or program you want to sell!

Why Writing Your Own Sales Letter is The Absolute Best Way to Become a Better Marketer, Increase All Your Sales, and Build a High-Income Business!

Did you know that copywriters are AMAZING marketers? They don’t just write – they think through the strategy behind their copy! The goal of a sales letter is presenting your product or program in such a compelling way, that the reader can’t help but want to have it. And that requires deeper knowledge of your target market, psychology of sales, and creating intense desire for the product. By the end of this program you’ll learn to think like a marketer and start reaping all the benefits that come from it!

  • Learn how to write a sales letter without getting overwhelmed. It’s very easy to drown yourself in copywriting books and courses that give you more information than you can process in a year. You need to focus on your product so it can start generating income for you, and this program will help you do just that! I’ll take out all confusion and fluff focusing on just what you need to write your sales letter NOW.

  • dollar-blueCreate a sales tool for all of your products and programs with ease. I used to shudder at the idea of writing sales letters for my products (and I have a LOT of them!). Now I actually look forward to creating a new sales letter! It’s much easier to just answer questions about your product than to actually sit down and write. Plus, the way I designed this process allows you to create a great flow in your copy – a sales letter is NOT just a list of benefits, it has a certain flow that builds up emotion and desire.

  • Improve your product offer and increase your sales. One of the biggest benefits of writing your sales letter is that you’ll start thinking about how to make your product more attractive, and will actually improve your product! This process forces you to think about the benefits of your product and describing its perceived value, and inevitably you’ll end up making your product better! I even doubled my program’s price after writing a sales letter, because it gave me several amazing ideas that significantly increased its value!

  • Finally, start making money from ALL your products and programs! With this proven and tested format it’s easy to create a sales letter for each of your products that have been sitting on your computer or hiding on your web site. You can finally stop procrastinating and turn each of your products into an income stream! No more fear or guilt, get those products out there with a great sales letter!

Your Sales Letter Will Be Completed By The Time You Finish This Program – Guaranteed!

One of the most frequent comments I get from my customers is how easy and doable I make everything. Simplicity has become a big part of what people expect when they take any of my programs and workshops, and Get Your Sales Letter Done will deliver just that!

Then just use my easy template to assemble your sales letter, and you’ll be ready to sell your product!

I used this process myself with the last 3 products I created, and was surprised how much I enjoyed this process and how fast, easy, and fun it was! And I don’t even like writing!  The sales letters came out better than when I wrote them from scratch!

The 3 Critical Phases Your Sales Letter Must Contain to Make Your Product or Program Highly Desirable

You don’t need to be a copywriter, you  just need a step-by-step formula, and that’s exactly what this program will give you!  There are 3 critical phases your sales letter must contain to make your product sell, and I will walk you through each of them:

  • Phase 1 – Positioning: some background information before you even mention your product – miss this, and your sales letter will come across as an outright sales pitch!
  • Phase 2 – Product: this is where you actually introduce your product, its contents, features, and benefits, and do it in a way that builds up the value of your product – don’t just offer a checklist of what’s inside!
  • Phase 3 – Offer: make your product irresistible by creating a compelling offer in your sales letter – missed by many do-it-yourself copywriters! Without this section your sales letter is incomplete and you’ll leave 50-75% of sales on the table!

The best part is that you don’t have to think hard! Each section of the sales letter will write itself as you answer the questions on the 5 worksheets!

“Will People Actually Read My Sales Letter?”

How Long Should My Sales Letter Be, and Will I End Up Writing a “Long-Banana” Copy That Everyone Hates to Read?

Let’s talk about the “elephant in the room” – why write a sales letter that nobody reads? You probably see these all the time and think, “Wow, who reads a 25-pages sales pitch?” and leave in disgust.

Here’s the answer: those who BUY!

In other words, people who are interested in your topic and looking for a solution to their problem will read most of the sales letter to help them make their decision.

But I also want you to consider 2 important factors that distinguish a great sales letter from a “sales pitch.”

A great sales letter has educational value, so your prospects never see it as a sales pitch. Nobody likes to read ads (except for marketers!) so it’s important to make your copy offer something of value. The mindset I use when writing a sales letter is that even if the reader doesn’t end up buying my product, he or she will still walk away learning something useful. I am sure you’ll take away LOTS of useful nuggets from this sales letter!

A sales letter doesn’t have to look like a sales letter. You can create a document that’s easy to read AND scan through by simply breaking big blocks of text into smaller sections, adding sub-headers, images, videos, boxes, and bullet points. You can even call it a “special report” and send your document to prospects directly, positioning it with a high perceived value as opposed to a “sales pitch.”

Plus, your sales letter doesn’t have to be 25 pages. It doesn’t even need to be 10 pages! When you answer questions about your product, you can be as brief as you like. I never make a decision on how long my sales letter will be – I simply trust the process, and then end up with whatever length I create.

“I Am Not a Copywriter…Can I Really Write an Effective Sales Letter That Will Sell My Product or Program?”

You don’t need to be a copywriter to create an effective sales letter. You see, I am not talking about mastering the skill of great story-telling or understanding human psychology – I’ll leave it to the professionals who dedicate their lives to studying copywriting!

I wrote my first sales letter without any previous training or experience and was able to generate income from it. Then, after reading a book and implementing new ideas into my sales letters, I began increasing my income from every single product! I was thrilled!

Do you think you can create a great sales letter for your product with some step-by-step guidance?
  Absolutely!  A professional copywriter would probably rip this sales letter apart, but that’s not the point!  The goal of writing your own sales letter is that YOU know your product best and YOU have the passion for it.

A copywriter would have to spend hours and hours researching your market before they even get to write a single word – that’s why they charge thousands of dollars – and they still would never reach the same level of passion you have! The goal of every sales letter is to transfer passion and excitement to the prospect so they are compelled to buy!

You can always hire a copywriter to improve your sales letter, but you’ll save a TON of money if they don’t have to start from scratch! In fact, I do it all the time – write my own sales letter, then pay a copywriter $300-$500 to make it really shine. It’s the same copywriter who would charge me at least $2500-$5000 to write it from scratch!

I truly believe that ANYONE can create a great sales letter if given the right tools! You see, not only am I not a copywriter, I actually don’t like writing at all! It takes me days to write a simple article, that’s why I create all my content using audio and video format!  But once I started using my unique 5-worksheet process, I began punching out great sales letters in just a few hours! It’s simple, it’s fun, and most importantly it’s EFFECTIVE!

Even my 12-year-old daughter was able to write a short sales letter about a school she wants to open one day!  I’ve seen her easily get stuck when she writes, but this process is NOT about writing – it’s about answering simple questions about your product in a carefully designed sequence, and ANYONE can do that! She later said to me, “This was so much fun, I wish every writing assignment at school was this easy!”

The bottom line is that there is no such thing as a “state of the art sales letter, because even if it looks amazing and everything is there, it still could totally flop and must be tested!

“Are You Just Going to Give Me a Bunch of Pre-Written Sales Letter Templates?”

You’ve probably seen “instant” sales letters that come already pre-written – you just need to customize them with your own product details. And that’s a great way to get your sales letter done fast. However, there is a BIG problem with such a cookie-cutter approach.

One of the most important things your sales letter must do is show the uniqueness of your product! And you can’t really do that with a pre-written sales letter done by someone who knows nothing about you, your product, and why you created it! This method was fine 5-10 years ago, but now there’s a deluge of products and programs on ANY topic out there, and you simply MUST make your product stand out!

My simple process allows you to create a unique sales letter positioning your product or program as THE BEST solution out there! It forces you to ONLY share the information that leads to sale – no fluff! – and you can use this process over and over again with any future products or programs you ever want to sell!

Here’s What You’ll Get in This Program:

This 2-week program will offer you great focus and accountability for completing your sales letter fast! Here’s what’s included once you join me:

Simple But Carefully Designed Worksheets

Each worksheet guides you by asking specific questions that help you extract critical information about your product in a specific sequence, making it easy to transfer everything into your final document.

Training Videos That Walk You Through Each Worksheet

I show you exactly how to use each worksheet, and give you tips and examples for answering each question, making it a no-brainer for you!

A Step-By-Step Sales Letter Checklist

Once you complete all 5 worksheets, it’s time to assemble your document! I show you exactly how to do that using my 20-point checklist.

In other words, everything you need to complete your sales letter in as little as 2 weeks is here!

Are you ready to get started?

How Much is This Program?

Imagine going from 5 sales a month to 5 sales a week for a product you sell for $97. You just went from making $500 to $2,000 a month! Whether your product sells for $27 or $497, you can follow my unique and proven process for extracting the best information from your brain and increase your sales!

It took me over 10 years to uncover this process, and thousands of dollars in trial-and-error. One time I hired a copywriter who came highly recommended, and paid him $8,000 for a sales letter that generated 11 sales – ouch! That totally killed my budget, and I’ve never done it since. I learned that just because someone charges an “arm and a leg” it doesn’t make him a better copywriter!

Being able to write a great enrollment letter is one of the most important investments you can make in yourself. It will significantly impact your income, especially if you want to generate more sales online! On the other hand, not being able to create effective sales letters can negatively impact your income, marketing results, and your confidence.

That’s why I decided to make this program very affordable for ANYONE who is serious about increasing product sales! Previously available for $997, you can get access to this training for just $497 and turn it into thousands with the increased sales of your products and programs for years to come!

Special Bonuses if You’re Ready to Take Action Now!

Bonus #1: Real Life Sales Letter Case Study – I used this very same process to create one of my recent sales letters, and I’ll walk you step-by-step through exactly how I created it. I’ll show you how it came together one section at a time, making it very simple to model in your own sales letter!

Bonus #2: Creating a Web Version of Your Sales Letter Tutorial – after you create your sales letter in a word processor, such as Microsoft Word, it needs to be formatted for the web. I’ll show you exactly how I turn a Word document into an HTML document ready to be posted online and start getting sales. You don’t need to be a web designer to create effective sales letters online, and I’ll show you exactly what I use and how I do it!

Complete Peace-of-Mind 100% Guarantee!

I am completely confident you’ll LOVE this program! In fact, I am so confident that I’m including a complete peace-of-mind 100% money-back guarantee! Go through this program with me, follow the process, apply the strategies you learn inside, and create your sales letter. If this doesn’t feel like the simplest way to write your sales letter, I’ll personally get on the phone with you and review your sales letter to give you tips and pointers to make it better!

P.S. This is NOT just another copywriting training! You’ll actually walk away with a finished sales letter AND become a better marketer in the process! You’ll LOVE this program or get your money back!

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