How My Students Are Filling Up Their Coaching Programs, Signing Up More Clients, Building Their Lists, and Creating Income On Demand – In Their First Launch – Using My Proven Step-By-Step 28-Day Product Launch Blueprint

“$37K in passive income for a busy mom of two little boys…”

“It has brought in over $37K in sales for me in the past year in leveraged income…plus 50 new clients and $18K in one week in a recent launch! Thanks to Milana’s help, I was able to create and launch a successful program. The launch is not over yet – with Milana’s follow-up strategies, I know it’ll be more!”
Cindy Schulson

“Doubled my buyers in one-third the time, and got a 23% increase in total sales…”

“I launched my program previously, but did not get the results I was hoping. The second time I launched that same program following Milana’s blueprint, the number of buyers, and the launch took about one-third as much time and resulted in a 23% increase in total sales. I use the email sequence taught in My First Big Launch every time I release a new program. We also follow Milana’s 14-step teleseminar template, because it increases our sales every time. It actually gets more effective the more you use it.”
Samantha Hartley

The Key to Their Success? They Kept It Simple and Followed My Personal Product Launch Blueprint

Hi, I’m Milana Leshinsky, and I went from making $300 a month to $1.4 million dollars in a year using product launches.

I’ve been showing people how to build their online coaching businesses for almost 16 years. Those students got results because they followed through on a proven system for creating a BIG launch.

But they also got those results on their first try because they did not have to reinvent the wheel and learn how to launch their coaching programs from scratch.

That’s the power of having a proven blueprint to follow. But, there are so many people that do not have this blueprint. I’ve seen countless coaches with excellent programs and products that cannot get it sold at the level they want or need to.

They go for years struggling to get one client one month and then maybe two another month.

“The ONE Simple Marketing Strategy That Took Me From a Trickle of Clients and Product Sales To Creating $40k+ The First Time I Used It!

(This ONE Strategy Has Allowed Me to Build My Dream Home, Put My Kids Through College, and Finally Start Living My Dream Lifestyle!)

After struggling to sell my products and get clients online, I stumbled upon a marketing strategy that generated over $40,000 the first time I used it.

Being brand new to business, I didn’t even know what I was doing. But later I learned that it was called a product launch. The most amazing thing is that I did it when I had a tiny mailing list, no connections in my industry, and no affiliate partners!

Since my first launch I have conducted over a dozen 5-to-6 figure launches for my home-study courses, and coaching programs. This is the BEST strategy I know for creating a huge windfall of income in your business, and I look forward to sharing with you exactly how to do it!

In my 11 years of conducting product launches I learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to simplify this process so you can do it any time you want stress-free, while actually creating a big “payday” for your business.

A product launch is the single strategy I know that can help you fill your coaching programs and get a RUSH of customers ready and willing to pay a premium for your products and programs!

But… I keep hearing these misconceptions about product launches!

As you keep reading, you’re going to see why those statements are simply… Not True.

And you’ll see that you absolutely CAN create your own First Big Launch… get in front of your ideal audience in a big way, sell out your program, and create cash on demand.

And you can do it repeatedly, for as long as you need to.

In fact, in the last 16 years, product launches allowed me to generate $20,000 – $600,000… AND build a mailing list of almost 100K subscribers

No other marketing strategy even came close.

And believe me, I’ve tried a lot of different strategies.

After years of trial and error (with more error than I care to admit), I’ve refined the process of a product launch to an exact SCIENCE…

… the sequence
… the timing
… the email templates
… the training
… the scripts
… the creation of a flood of targeted traffic
… the outsourcing resources

You Name It, It’s All Past The Guessing Stage Now…

…The Steps To Creating Your First BIG Launch Is Now A Proven Formula… And You Can Duplicate It

And, as you can see, others are now achieving the same success as I have!
That’s why I’d love to introduce you to…

My First Big Launch: A Clear and Simple, 28-Day Step-By-Step Product Launch Training You Need to Fill Up Your Coaching Programs… Get In Front of Lots of People In Less Time… and Attain “Expert” Status Virtually Overnight…

(Even If You Consider Yourself Internet Marketing Challenged)

This is not just a course on how to do a big launch…

It is how to create your FIRST big launch without getting lost in a huge course full of theory.

Here’s some of what you’re getting…

If You’re Thinking, “This Will Only Work If I Have A Big Responsive List, Or I’m Really Well-Known, Or If I Am A Technical Web-Building Expert”

No Worries, Because I Am Sharing The Fastest, Simplest and Easiest Way To Build A Large List of RESPONSIVE FOLLOWERS!

The FACT is that you can BUILD your list faster and easier USING product launches!

The steps I am showing you are the steps I followed to build a $1.4 million-dollar business in a very competitive market.

Starting from a small list, I built a highly responsive list of about 100,000 subscribers by doing product launches just a couple of times a year.

If you are open to building your list in leaps and bounds, this is the BEST method of doing so.

One of the lessons teaches you how to get list owners delighted to partner with you and offer you their list, while you get to build a community of fans EAGER to hear more from you.

This is how you get highly interested prospects already hungry for your program or product. And when you open for registration, you will cause a rush of sales faster than any other marketing method, while empowering your buyers with vital information and the solution they’ve been waiting for.

Not only is there a lesson on how to get movers & shakers in your niche to partner with you, but I am also including a FREE ticket to an event where you can meet ALL the JV partners you want!

Details are below…

This Is What You are NOT Getting…

You are NOT getting a pile of CDs, DVDs, booklets and box stuffing that gives you tons of theory but still leaves you lost…

Been there. Done that. No fun. No result. What you are getting is clear and straight to the point. In the first lesson, you will be getting into action right away.

You will NOT get left behind with the task of figuring out HOW to apply the theory of a BIG-product launch…

You will get just enough theory to understand why the technique works, and then I get you to apply it right away. I like to get into action. And I’m sure you do, too! The sooner you get into action the sooner you get results. And with my 28-day launch blueprint, it’s very easy to get started right away.

“Conducting Launches for Years, But Learned So Much More! Already Increased My List by 25%!”

I’ve been conducting product launches for myself and my clients for quite some time now but I’ve learned quite a bit more from My First Big Launch Training. I really benefited from Milana’s easy teaching style and step-by-step instructions to create a successful launch. The training was NOT based on theory, which I often find frustrating. Rather, Milana took us through from beginning to end with easy-to-implement examples, templates and checklists. AND the bonus video on list building was phenomenal! I gained so many great ideas that I’ve implemented and in just two or three short weeks, have increased my list nearly 25%!

Pam Ivey,

If You’re Still Thinking That Doing A Launch Is Complicated, Scary, Overwhelming, Or Even “Out Of Your League”…

I totally understand…

First of all, work is involved.

However, I can easily say that compared to other courses on how to do a successful launch, this will be the SIMPLEST and the clearest way to learn how to create a successful and repeatable launch.

Here’s why this course is DIFFERENT: I am KNOWN for simplifying complex concepts in a way that you will actually be able to do it.

I’ve been in business long enough to understand that if it’s not simple, it just won’t get done. That’s why people have told me over and over again…

And my favorite comment of all…

“I’ve suddenly felt a surge of passion for the subject, and for getting my own process going, to build my own site and get busy preparing for my own launch.”​

That’s exactly what happens when things are clear and simple. I believe in SIMPLICITY, which means giving you ONLY what’s necessary to take action and get results.

“Milana’s course breaks the whole launch process down into EASY action steps, so you never feel overwhelmed or confused…”

What I love about Milana’s My First Big Launch course is that she takes a complicated process and simplifies it right down into what needs to be done to have a successful launch – step by step, so all you have to do is follow each step, and put it into action…. Milana’s course breaks the whole launch process down into EASY action steps, so you never feel overwhelmed or confused.

The course guided me right from the first idea of my launch through to exactly what to say and do at each point during the launch to get maximum return on my efforts.

The beauty of this is that I can just plug ‘n play this whole process now, every time I want to launch a new program – to create buzz and anticipation, make more sales, and of course reach more of my ideal target clients.

Tanya Smith,

Using This Exact Launch Blueprint, I’ve Been Consistently Enrolling 225-300 Students Into My Program Every Single Time

In the last three years I’ve been running one of the most successful programs in the coaching industry. The reason it became so successful is because of how we’ve been launching it – using THIS exact process. The program was a success from day ONE – without any previous success stories or testimonials – simply because the launch blueprint we used truly worked!

We built a list of almost 100,000 and generated between $200K and $600K in revenue every time we launched this program.

This is the EXACT blueprint you’re going to get in “My First Big Launch” system.

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…

I know how it feels to wonder if the course you’re about to buy is going to be another disappointment…

Sign up for “My First Big Launch” right now, go through the program, and implement my strategies. If you don’t find that this is the most effective and powerful way to fill your coaching programs, courses or products today, then email me within a year and I’ll get on the phone, review your launch strategy, and coach you on your launch. But you must do the work, as you know nothing happens without implementation!

“I Started From Zero, But By The End Of This Program I Had All The Information and Tools I Needed To Do A 5-Figure Product Launch Within 90 Days…”

Before taking Milana’s MFBL program, I was a struggling small-business owner who had never even heard the term ” product launch ” before. My overhead was high, I needed to book clients hourly to generate income, and it was stressful to manage staff.

I had experience and information, but was stuck in a loop of struggling.

I started from zero, but by the end of this program I had all the information and tools I needed to do a 5 figure product launch within 90 days. And this formula can be used as many times as I want, with any product or program.

Milana is an expert in product launches. She has a gift for spelling everything out easily and making the steps doable, on any budget. With Milana, I went from never having done any of this, to now having the tools, skills and formulas I need to produce videos, do all of the back-end set up, provide the content, and market my program.

Without Milana, I would have never figured this out on my own. From not knowing where to even begin, I now feel confident to do a product launch, and am doing one right now!

She teaches through real examples, showing you what works and what doesn’t work, based on her years of experience, which is incredibly valuable. If you want to help people, have flexible work hours, and create financial freedom quickly, I highly recommend this program for you.

Shayla Mihaly,

So Here’s A Summary Of What You’re Getting…

Your Lessons And What Each Does For You:

Lesson #1: Discovering Your Big Idea: My proven 10-step process for developing the main concept for your launch. This will help you go from an ordinary message to an extraordinary idea!

Lesson #2: Crafting Your Irresistible Product Offer: How to position your product so people instantly recognize the value in it and want to buy it… (without using any hype or manipulation)

Lesson #3: Creating a Profit-Pulling Market Survey: How to get into the mind of your customer and know what they need to hear from you. Set your launch up for success before it even starts by using my unique survey process!

Lesson #4: Attracting Joint Venture Partners To Promote You: My simple, streamlined JV system you can use to attract JV partners. (Even if you’re brand new to your market)

Lesson #5: Creating a Launch Sequence That Gets People Excited to Buy! Here you create a launch sequence that is a high value free training that builds awareness, interest and desire. You do not need to be “salesy” when you educate and empower your audience.

Lesson #6: Create A High-Converting Opt-in Page With a Video Invitation! This lesson is about creating an opt-in page that converts at least 50% of visitors into subscribers. The more people you get to sign up for your launch the greater the chance of your success.

Lesson #7: Creating an Exciting Free Training That Makes Your Ideal Prospects Buy: Position yourself as an authority and create trust, buzz and excitement. You’ll learn how to create high value free training for your launch process.

Lesson #8: Creating a Compelling Sales Video That Moves Perfect Prospects to Buy Now: This lesson shows you the template for an effective sales video that follows your free training. Your customer will now be interested in you and what you have to sell. This video is there to help them make the jump from spectator to customer.

Lesson #9: Create a Surge of New Sales With a Free Teleclass: This is the component of the launch process that ignites the desire to buy right away inside your customer. This lesson is about what I do to make them create the most sales possible and gives you my 14-point checklist for creating a high-converting teleclass.

Lesson #10: Creating a Powerful Launch E-Mail Sequence That Increases Your Sales: This lesson is about how to automate your launch sequence with emails. Stay “top of mind” with your audience, keep the engagement going, and maximize the amount of sales your launch creates.

Lesson #11: 7 More Launch Amplifiers to Boost Your Product Sales: Here you get 7 more launch boosters to use If you want to take it up a notch.


Several SURPRISE BONUS modules to help you accelerate the results with your launch!

Previously Offered at $1997, This Course Is Now…

Only $297

I chose Milana’s course because of the title – it *was* my first big launch! People who saw me at live seminars gave me great reviews, but I just couldn’t communicate my value to strangers in a way that would get them excited to buy.

By following Milana’s exercises, I broke out of my own “process centric” approach and finally saw my business from my customer’s perspective.

As I’ve developed my launch materials using her process, the response has been like night-and-day compared to my earlier efforts! Milana has obviously worked hard to master all of the solid, core principles of product development and marketing. Then she distilled it all down into an easy to follow, common-sense approach.

I found myself finally “getting” how I can use this process not just to launch my first product, but to build a whole product-based online business. I’m re-energized and more excited about my product then ever before!

Allan Bacon,

FREE Bonus to Help You Meet All The Joint Venture Partners You Want to Help You Get Your Product or Program in Front Thousands of Potential Clients:

The JV Experience 3-Day Live Event ($997 ticket – yours free!)

This hands-on workshop is going to bring our awesome community of JV minded speakers, coaches, and authors into the real world. It will provide you with the perfect environment to meet JV partners and develop lasting bonds that will be the basis for millions of dollars worth of joint venture relationships in the years to come!

In this highly hands-on and interactive event you will:

You will create a community of real friends around your business that are all motivated to help you succeed in every way possible! This is an amazing event to grow your business – I know because I co-created it years ago!

One more quick bonus that’s going to make your launch planning MUCH easier…

A Launch Planner Worth $197 Instantly Downloadable for You To Get Started!

Yes, I want instant access to My First Big Launch So I Can Fill up my Coaching Programs and Sell My Products With Ease, Create Income on Demand, and Become the Expert in My Niche Everyone Will LOVE to Promote!​

Only $297

Hope you join the “My First Big Launch” revolution and enjoy all the benefits this amazing strategy can bring into your business and life!


SIMPLICITY ENTREPRENEURSHIPEscape Complexity, Find Flow, and Discover the Shortest Path to Profit